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Park Home-Owners LAW REFORM Association


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People wanted to help make PHOLRA a success


Closes Friday 17th February 2023


Could you be a REGISTERED ASSOCIATE with us at PHOLRA?

Join the new driving force for radical change to Park Home Law


As previously announced, Sonia McColl ( Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign ) and Tony Turner ( Park Homes Policy Forum ) have teamed up to demand urgent radical changes in Park Home law.

The vehicle created is the



Since the introduction of PHOLRA, a skeleton team of active helpers and supporters has been formed and Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Father of the House of Commons has agreed to be its patron. In all, a very strong start, but as yet, not enough to fully tie together what is intended to become the permanent recognised national voice of residential Park Home Owners.


For PHOLRA to achieve its objectives, it needs to be properly regionally structured, professionally operated, and supported by a cross county team of like-minded people.  


Associates must be willing to work alongside one another to help develop future policies and implement agreed strategies at local levels.


So far, we have been inundated with commitments to join PHOLRA and through membership fees, will support its planned activities. Therefore, it is essential for this work to be supported at local levels by Park Home residents themselves.

Associates of PHOLRA will. Ideally have experience or be part of a qualifying residents association - or - others willing to give a little time each month to further PHOLRA`s aims.  Associates would  be involved in developing future strategies and any agreed national action.  To liaise, when asked by the central team, with their local council and MP's, to generally raise awareness of PHOLRA as the only organisation that is fully dedicated to protecting the current and future interests of Park Home owners and to cleaning up an industry that is already outside of effective control:


TO JOIN US as a registered PHOLRA Associate, you will need to be a permanent Park Home resident, have a basic understanding of the legislation and rules that govern this sector. 


All you need to do at this stage is to provide your name, your location, and your contact details, including telephone/ email address

We will then be in touch.


Invitations to become a PHOLRA Associate will close on



Please reply to

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