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Park Home-Owners LAW REFORM Association


Our Mission Statement

___The Park Home-Owners LAW REFORM Association is founded upon the need to ensure  the fair and equitable administration of the residential Park Home sector. 

___It will serve the interest of all members through continued lobbying and the national representation of park home owners,  creating the data and evidence to support  the introduction of further necessary legislation including essential transparency in charges, equal benefits to those enjoyed by freeholders, the recovery of the peaceful retirement of occupiers, to persuade early  review of sales commissions, to hold to account those unfit to operate in the sector and to pursue the concept of changes that will lead to a derivative of `common-hold Agreements` that will provide all home-owners with the right to manage their own parks.

Our Objectives


  • Reviewing the independent sales commission report and ending  equity theft

  • Changing the scandal of the park owner annual pitch fee bonanza

  • Regularising utility supplies and ensuring independence and free market access to encourage  best prices for utilites

  • Changing the law so that site infrastuctures, maintenance`s and repairs become obligatory. Providing greater powers to Local Authorities that they are required to engage, including unannounced site visits and the use of  Fixed Penalty Notices 

  • Ending the use of concealed short-term leases and ensuring contractual transparency

  • Tackling fraud and ensuring criminal prosecutions

  • The urgent removal of exploitative regimes

  • Tackling Local Authority avoidance's of transparency

  • The declassification of residential Park Homes as caravans and chattels 

  • Making qualifying Residents Associations effective by enforced recognition

  • Providing  regularly updated information 

  • The creation of a network of pro-bono legal representation for worst abuse cases

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