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As the residential Park Homes market evolves, so must the laws that are in place to ensure proper and effective regulation. Whilst successive governments have improved and introduced some new legislation to outlaw a number of exploitative practices, it has not kept up with the expansion of the sector nor with it, the opportunities for malpractice, missing opportunities to intervene. For many years, individuals or groups of Park Homes residents have themselves sought to effect changes and some have been highly successful – but what has always been needed and called for by most residents, is an organisation that is dedicated to responding to the many problems and in driving positive changes that can be effective and implemented without undue delay.


PHOLRA is the first members Association that will focus on every aspect of Park Home living, drawing upon a range of complimentary skill-sets and expertise to assist the government in closing the many loopholes in prevailing legislation, limit the controls that operators have over home-owners lives, bring poorly managed sites up to pre-defined minimum standards through simplified and effective enforcement procedures and where obstructed ensure adequate penalties are in place. Critically, its members will be involved as best they are able and if less so, will still be able to participate.


It will NOT be an Advisory Service or a Helpline. These are already in place with government encouraging the use of its sponsored `Leasehold Advisory Service for Park Homes` that has been in existence since 2013. Instead, it will be an organisation that can be taken forward and remain in place for all future Park Home owners, who have the right to undisturbed lives, to fairness, equality, deserved respect and laws and regulations that are not just in place but are enforced and effective.


There is no better time, when there is growing government support for a much improved market. After the New Year, the wheels that are now being attached and oiled will begin to turn and the journey will begin.

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