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Park Home-Owners LAW REFORM Association


About Us

A New Beginning

The Creation Of PHOLRA

___The seed of thought for the creation of a new association was sown on the 28th November 2022 at the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign meeting in the Palace of Westminster. In her closing speech, Sonia McColl OBE said that although PHOJC had changed the law and succeeded in all that it set out to do in the preceding 14 years – there was still so much more that needed to be put right in the park home sector. However, if this were to be tackled the JUSTICE campaign would need to move to another level, be run by a team as a professional association and charge a subscription.

___THAT IS NOW HISTORY. Sonia teamed up with Tony Turner who currently leads the Park Homes Policy Forum. A new name was chosen, the “Park Home Owners LAW REFORM Association.” Sir Peter Bottomley MP Father of the House of Commons, who was previously the President of PHOJC agreed to be the Patron of PHOLRA and a central team that includes an IT professional, Treasurer, Researcher, Membership and Admin Secretaries has been appointed. In addition, to enable us to co-ordinate successfully in our mission to bring about change and improve the lives of park home owners, Registered Associates have also been appointed throughout our country. Our team will now do all that it can to ensure success.

___2023 sees the beginning of the Park Home Owners LAW REFORM Association and we are honoured to have been offered and have gratefully accepted a high-profile launch in the Palace of Westminster.

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